Dervos provides high performance ball valve products, including Trunnion mounted ball valve, Floating ball valve, Welded structure ball valve, Top entry ball valve, Wafer ball valve, Butt treaded socket welding ball valve, and Three way ball valve etc.
Ball valve is used to on/off the medium in pipeline, and widely used in petroleum refining, chemical, electric power, long-distance transportation pipeline, paper making, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, municipal and steel, etc. Special consideration is taken to strength, safety, and resistance to harsh environment during designation. It’s suitable for various corrosive and non-corrosive mediums. Different materials may be selected for transportation of water, steam, oil, natural gas, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidant and urea. Ball valve has compact structure and reliable sealing. Its sealing surface and spherical surface are closed normally which make it resistant to flush erosion from the medium, and easy to operate and repair.

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